Uganda & Rwanda

Tracking these majestic giants through their dense, leafy habitat is truly a life changing wildlife encounter.
From USD 1,988
Duration 4 Days

Get ready to discover mountain gorillas and other interesting wildlife. A memorable journey!
From USD 1,763
Duration 4 Days

Discover mountain Gorillas in the misty forests of Bwindi and travel by air transfers between cities.
From USD 2,469
Duration 4 Days

Uganda is perfect for those who want something different. Discover plenty of primates and unique wildlife.
From USD 4,828
Duration 7 Days

Uganda, the pearl of Africa. The best place to discover primates and live unforgettable experiences.
From USD 3,829
Duration 7 Days

Enjoy majestic landscapes of volcanoes, forests, lakes and mountain ranges. A unique experience to meet primates.
From USD 3,831
Duration 7 Days

An ultimate Gorilla tracking experience in Bwindi Forest where you get up close to the remaining mountain gorillas.
From USD 12,066
Duration 13 Days

Begin your journey to Africa and discover rich culture, scenic landscapes and unique wildlife. A lifetime experience!
From USD 18,512
Duration 21 Days

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