Hidden Gems

Discover the most spectacular remote regions of Africa. Make your travel dreams become a reality.

The perfect journey to discover the most fascinating regions of South Sudan and explore the unknown ethnic groups. ¡Get ready for adventure!
From USD 5,988
Duration 12 Days

Route designed to discover little-known corners of Pakistan and explore cultural and ethnic minorities. Be prepared for adventure!
From USD 5,049
Duration 15 Days

Witness and experience the unforgettable and unique spectacle of the Ouidah voodoo festival. A memorable and cultural journey!
From USD 3,366
Duration 11 Days

Discover the heart of Benin and Togo. Experience its culture, fascinating history and unique landscapes. A lifetime experience!
From USD 4,405
Duration 18 Days

Experience Gabon amazing wildlife, including lowland gorillas and chimpanzees. Discover and enjoy fascinating african culture.
From USD 8,231
Duration 13 Days

Discover unexplored wilderness in the heart of Africa. Experience lowland gorillas and chimpanzees tracking. A unique journey!
From USD 8,231
Duration 11 Days

Take an unforgettable adventure though Gabon. Safaris, nature treks and amazing wildlife and landscapes are waiting for us.
From USD 9,097
Duration 14 Days

We will explore the unknown interior of Gabon, with colonial towns stopped in time, unexplored caves and traditional tribal societies.
From USD 5,155
Duration 11 Days

Fall in love with Senegal natural beauty and amazing National Parks. Learn about its culture, beautiful land and people. An amazing trip!
From USD 2,385
Duration 11 Days

Discover these unexplored countries of West Africa. Experience its rich culture, markets and natural beauty. There are memories that last forever!
From USD 2,405
Duration 8 Days

Enjoy the beauty, unique landscapes and rich culture of Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. A travel experience like no other.
From USD 4,962
Duration 14 Days

Discover Eritrea's natural and cultural highlights. Explore the astonishing variety of activities that this small country have to offer.
From USD 6,366
Duration 12 Days

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