Turquoise waters, water sports and breathtaking landscapes awaits us. Get ready for adventure!
From USD 1,008
Duration 5 Days

Enjoy this unique getaway and explore this indredible island with rich culture. Adventure awaits!
From USD 1,783
Duration 7 Days

Discover and enjoy the fabulous Praslin, a base for excursions to neighbouring islands.
From USD 2,202
Duration 7 Days

Explore the natural beauty of Seychelles and fall in love with the scenic landscapes and beaches of La Digue .
From USD 2,269
Duration 7 Days

A memorable journey though the scenic beaches of Seychelles. A unique place to relax.
From Desde USD 4,266
Duration 13 Days

The perfect combination to explore and enjoy the best beaches of Seychelles in a tranquil atmosphere.
From USD 3,877
Duration 12 Days

An excellent journey to relax at the crystal clear sea and explore this amazing island.
From USD 3,718
Duration 12 Days

The perfect joruney to explore Seychelles's beaches and the best of Dubai.
From USD 2,154
Duration 11 Days

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